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Emotional Laboratory

My dialogue with the world is a visual one. The universe is already created for us with all its beauty and

wonders. As a visual artist I want to reveal and interpret the inter-relationships between all that is already there

yet through my eyes. Humans and animals, plants and music, philosophy and myth are all inter-relationships

I illustrate in my work. Utilising knowledge and experience, one can masterfully implement the rules of

composition, proportion, colour, tone, different techniques, effects, style to be considered a professional artist,

yet in the end remain but only a craftsman, of which there are many. To become a Creator - Artist in the

bigger sense - one must reach for something grander, beautiful, new, something that I am trying to do to this

day. I take my inspiration from ancient philosophies, theological ideas, all arts, history and people, as well as

the grand teacher itself Nature. My father, also an artist, taught me that If you do not have a teacher, go to

Mother Nature.

Rinat Baibekov (born 1962, Kazan, Tatarstan, USSR) comes from a family of artists of Tartar ancestry.

He began sketching and painting at a very young age, attending full-time art courses alongside primary

school. Rinat studied art at the Kazan Art College, followed by the Kharkov Academy of Fine Art, where he

majored in Monumental Art. After a period of time living and working as an artist in Leningrad (now St.

Petersburg), Rinat moved to Toronto, Canada in 1990. He returned to Europe in 1998, re-locating to the

United Kingdom where he currently resides.

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